Chelmsford City Council - Procurement Portal


The Chelmsford City Council Procurement Portal is an enhancement to our web site. It offers suppliers the ability to view Chelmsford City Council contract announcements in real time. Chelmsford City Council uses BiP Solutions' e-notice service Project, for placing EU and non-EU public notices, and facilitates the publication of these notices immediately on this procurement portal giving suppliers instant access to the contract opportunities.

Supplier Registration

The Portal also allows suppliers to register their interest in current and future opportunites, and begin the pre-qualification process that is required by suppliers to the Public Sector. The Council uses BiP Select pre-qualification service to achieve this. Select offers a simple and structured approach to registering interest and pre-qualification which will deliver value for money to both buyers and suppliers.

Suppliers can begin by registering an interest on Select and complete pre-qualification at a later stage should an opportunity arise. However as the Select registration is for virtually the whole of the Essex Public Sector many suppliers will want to begin their pre-qualification early. This can be done by using the Select Certify Service.

To achieve Select Certify status, suppliers complete an on-line self-certification questionnaire, which is free of charge.

To begin registration click here.


The European Commission recommends in the Consolidated Procurement Directive that authorities provide their purchasing and procurement information via a Buyer Profile and this facility has been incorporated in this procurement portal. The buyer profile provides information on purchase plans, contact details, future, current and past contracts. By publishing this information Chelmsford City Council offers suppliers the opportunity to identify future opportunities, respond to current opportunities and to view which suppliers have already been engaged along with the goods and/or services purchased.